Cage Management Systems & Slot Management Systems

By CASINOMONEY - December 18, 2019

What They Are and Why They Matter

An effective cage management system and slot management system should cover a few fundamentals that will help your casino run at optimal efficiency. Still, essential functions manage all of your financial transactions from all stations within your casino, classify transactions by accounts and sub-accounts, and audit those financial transactions.

In other words, your CMS and SMS takes care of things like:

  • Accounting
  • Reconciliation
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Financial audits
  • Managing player ratings
  • Credit markets
  • Marketing functions
  • Regards programs
  • Player extracts
  • Promotions

If you're running an effective CMS and SMS, then your gambling house is keeping a clean track record with flawless inventory, leaving no room for error or missteps.

Unfortunately, not every SMS or CMS system is created equally. If your casino is dealing with a bad SMS or CMS module, your entire operation is at risk of running incorrectly, illegally, or ineffectively. In other words, a bad CMS and SMS module translates directly to an inefficient, haphazardly run casino.

That's where CASINOMONEY comes into play.

Benefits on Benefits: How Using CASINOMONEY's CMS and an SMS Can Unlock Your Casino's Potential

Meet CASINOMONEY'S solution to your SMS and CMS problems—our CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal and POSEM modules. Each of these modules integrates the secure and scalable suite of casino management tools in an effective way to help promote your casino business in an ever-growing market.

Our programs use analytics software that helps to provide you with custom report automation. Add to this fast data mining capabilities, and robust monitoring services that don't just help you better manage your gambling house, but also help you improve your system of operations. We can boost your on-floor functions effectively and run marketing efforts more smoothly than ever before.

What are some of the other benefits of our CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal and POSEM modules? We've listed them out right here.

Unmatched Tracking Systems

Our software includes tracking features for players that help to increase profitability through regular reporting and analytics, all based on factors like gaming type, players, location, and more. It even allows you, the casino manager, the option to track player gaming history, store information and implement strategies to increase patron's engagement.

Next Level Redemption Systems

Our programs include seamless integration with our ticket redemption kiosk, a top-of-the-line tool that works hand-in-hand with our software to allow for personal data security, advanced enrollment, efficient benefits fulfillment, management tools, and accurate rewards.

Seamless Casino Management

Our accurate and efficient programs help provide owners with seamless management they need to ensure transactions are quick and correct. This includes Ticket Redemption, Casino Vouchers, Casino Check Cashing Services, Cash Access, Cash Advance, and so much more.

Our cutting-edge software helps you eliminate the need for many CMS manual processes. And this should help you run your floor more effectively.

POS Integrations + Cash Advance Solutions

Our services also come with credit management validation software and Point of Sale services to help provide you with the tools you need to ensure your casino runs smoothly. This may include card readers, integrated barcode scanners, receipt printers, and even guest management.

Casino owners who invest in our CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal and POSEM modules also experienced benefits like:

  • Enhanced customer service practices
  • Improved ROI
  • Enhanced assets and liability tracking
  • Full eradication of manual cage processes
  • Less player time in queues
  • Improved accounting practices.

Your Bottom-Line Matters—Change Your Cage, Change Your Casino

To us, a casino is only as good as its ability to manage its operations—which means that if your cage management system or slot management system isn't making your management duties easier, this means you have the wrong system in play. With the CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal and POSEM from CASINOMONEY, you're better able to integrate the practical solutions you need to make your operations seamless, efficient, and useful. All in all, if a better system means a better casino, why not implement the best?





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