By CASINOMONEY - December 02, 2019

How do you encourage your gaming patrons to stay at your casino, especially after they run out of money? Retain your existing customers and create a loyal customer base with convenient ticket redemption kiosks. Offering electronic check, or e-check cashing services, the ticket redemption kiosk, such as CASINOMONEY’s CM-2020, will transform how your customers obtain money while at your casino while reducing expenses associated with cage.

Check Cashing Services in Casinos

While credit card cash advances are the norm, e-check services provide a great alternative for gaming customers. Typically, people do not think about cashing a check at a casino; however, most major casinos cash checks, although the type of check accepted varies from casino to casino, and there are often fees and limits associated with check cashing. Ticket redemption kiosks enable customers to convert their personal, government, and business checks into cash or credits.

Today, it is estimated that cash advance and electronic check solutions make up four percent of kiosk transactions. What makes these transactions notable is that they’re typically 4-5x the size of an average ticket redemption transaction. This means that cash advance and e-check solutions put more cash in circulation on the floor and provides fee revenue to the cage.

Typically, to cash a check at a casino, customers need to provide a blank check, driver’s license, and social security number. Casinos run a credit check and based on the results; the customer is authorized to write a check to the approved amount. With ticket redemption kiosks, customers receive prompt, accurate payouts without having to stand in line.

To ensure safe gambling practices, customers are encouraged to budget for their visit and gamble with the money that has been budgeted.

The Main Takeaway

Through ticket redemption kiosks, such as CASINOMONEY’s CM-2020, gaming patrons have access to convenient e-check services. Additionally, ticket redemption kiosks allow customers to redeem vouchers and reap other convenient benefits.

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