Why Offering Cash Advance Services to Your Patrons Matters

By CASINOMONEY - December 10, 2019

No matter why someone ends up in your casino, it’s your job to keep them satisfied and to ensure that they’re able to withdraw their money in any way they see fit and any way that’s most convenient for them including a cash advance.

If you’re entirely unsure about what a cash advance looks like in a casino, how you can offer this service to your clients, or how this works at all, then you’re in the right place.

We’re here to dive into the cash advance concept, and, more importantly, to explain how it can work for you!

What is a Cash Advance?

We’re going to keep this definition simple and direct. A credit card cash advance gives people the ability to withdraw money based on their credit card limits. Essentially, that means your patrons would be able to access cash advances through their credit cards. They don’t need the physical money in their account when they access it, they’re withdrawing based on their own line of credit on their personal credit card.

A credit card cash advance, which is offered through the CASINOMONEY CM-2020 kiosk doesn’t require money to be available in a patron’s account at all. Instead, it shows up as a statement charge to your patron’s credit card. Your patron can pay that bill at a later date.

Why Does Offering a Cash Advance in Your Casino Matter?

Why does it matter to a casino or card room owner, if a patron has the ability to get a cash advance via their credit card?

Walk through this common scenario with us. Your patron is at your casino having a fantastic time. For them, the night has just begun. They reach into their wallet for more cash & its empty. Your customer needs to leave your establishment to go out to their bank, ATM, etc., in an attempt to refill their wallet so they can come back and continue playing.

What is the problem in this instance? You know as well as we do that as soon as a patron leaves your establishment, it’s unlikely they’ll come back in. The goal is to be able to offer your customers an easy, convenient way to withdraw cash at your establishment so they can continue playing, having fun, and boosting your profits.

Offering a cash advance service at your casino isn’t just beneficial for your customer, though it does provide them with a marvelous, seamless, and convenient customer experience it’s also hugely beneficial for you. While it’s impossible to predict how much money is lost every single year when customers are forced to leave the table when they run out of money it’s evident they leave as they are unable to gain cash access within the casino.

By offering these services for your customers, you create a meaningful way to improve your casino’s bottom line and provide them with a convenient, easy-to-use service that ends up being mutually beneficial.

How You Can Offer Cash Advances Via Credit Cards to Your Customers

The CASINOMONEY CM-2020 offers your patrons a convenient, easy-to-use- and seamless way to keep playing, enjoying, and reaping the benefits of your casino without ever needing to leave to refill their wallets. The CM-2020 puts the fun back into your patron’s night, no matter what the funds in their wallet look like.

By providing customers with an automated kiosk service like CM-2020, you gift them the convenience they’re looking for without any additional hassle. With this kiosk service, your patrons will never deal with long lines, an abundance of documents to approve, or extended clearance periods. With the CM-2020, you remove the obstacle of keeping cash in hand of the people that matter most your patrons.

Providing your patrons with as many options as possible is a key ingredient to creating a successful, intuitive, and wonderful customer experience. With CASINOMONEY’s CM-2020 ticket redemption ATM machine, you’re one step closer to providing your patrons with access to cash and services which allow them to stay in the game. If you are ready to take the next step toward satisfying your casino customers, maximizing your profits, and boosting your traffic within your casino, reach out to us, CASINOMONEY, to chat more about our CM-2020 machine and how it can make an enormous difference in your casino’s profits.

Check out our website for more information or click here to download the free CASINOMONEY brochure that’s packed with insight, info, and all the need-to-know details about how you can stay in the game!





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