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Topic : Payments  

RFID Wristband  Payments  POS  RFID  Events
EVENTMONEY March 2, 2020

How RFID Will Make It Easier to Use Drink Tickets at Your Event

Will you be having drink tickets available at your event? Many people who organize events both large and small like the idea of drink tickets because..

cashless  Payments  POS  RFID  Future Tech  Events
EVENTMONEY February 25, 2020

Collect and Leverage Event Data with Cashless Payments

After a successful event, it’s not always clear what exactly guaranteed success. Without knowing what factors caused unusually high revenues in the..

Payments  POS  RFID  Events
EVENTMONEY February 15, 2020

How Cashless Payment Methods Improve Event Revenue

People like to spend on events. According to a recent survey, an individual spends between $100 to $700 at events like conventions, excluding food,..