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By CASINOMONEY - January 14, 2020

Your New Ticket Redemption Solution

Part ATM, part ticket redemption kiosk, the CM-2020 is revolutionizing the self-service kiosk with a customizable solution that utilizes the latest features and software to create a multi-functional kiosk that can replace all of your standalone ATM machines and ticket redemption centers. These networked devices are designed to handle several transactions in one device, and the entire machine is built on a speedy Linux-based system with cloud storage and server protection for even more security in your financial services. 


Keep reading to learn more about the growing popularity of these kiosks, as well as what the CM-2020 specifically has to offer when you are in the market for better ticket redemption systems or all-in-one transaction solutions.


The Benefits of Multi-Function Kiosks

The CM-2020 is not the first of its kind. Still, it may be among the most revolutionary, offering a variety of included features and transaction services, including everything from ticket redemption and voucher payouts to standard ATM transactions and even credit card cash advances. What people get from this, and what your casino gets from this is convenience and ease of access. When people can do everything quickly and easily, they are much more receptive to new technology. Plus, if they can access a variety of transactions and services at your casino, they won’t have to go elsewhere to do so. 


ATM machines and ticket redemption kiosks are great, but there is so much more that you can bring to your casino floor with solutions like this. Plus, when you add check cashing services and credit card cash advances to your transaction list, you’ll find a place to make extra cash for the convenience of providing the service. In a situation like this, consumers are almost always more than willing to pay for the service, after all, so you might as well profit where you can. Plus, you’ll have to recoup your merchant fees and other transaction costs, so keep that in mind when setting your fees.


The Machine Behind the Magic

The CASINOMONEY CM-2020 is full of cutting-edge technology, including the best hardware and software, giving you peace of mind that you’re investing in the best machines for your casino floor. These kiosks are secured on their own private network, allowing them to track and record transactions that take place within the machine. Plus, everything is backed up and redundant in the cloud, allowing you to store customer data securely, but still offer the convenience of account profiles with pre-established banking information, credit cards on file, and other perks. Here are just a few of the features included in this dynamic machine.


ATM Services

One of the most basic services required of a casino is the ATM. By using the basis of a standard ATM and then elaborating on it to create a dynamic system that can provide an array of transactions, these multi-function kiosks still provide that one simple solution: easy cash from your bank account. Often this is without a physical card in hand because the system can store user data so that people can log in, select their account, and then withdrawal the money that they want.


Cash Advances

As more casinos look to expand their offerings and cater to the customer demand for easier cash access, credit card cash advances are becoming a popular service offered by many casino ATMs. Although these are processed similarly to an ATM transaction, not all ATMs are capable of offering the service. With an integrated solution like the CM-2020, you can customize your access services, including providing casino cash advances at a premium to your patrons. These will typically be processed like a standard credit card transaction and charged interest accordingly.


Check Cashing Services

Another growing trend among kiosks is to offer a check cashing service. Many people don’t have access to a regular bank account, and when they need cash, they’re left to go to some expensive check-cashing retail outlet or leave the casino to find another store or location that offers the service. When you have an integrated check-cashing feature in your casino management software, you’re saving people a trip and giving them much easier access to their own money. Plus, the electronic system is designed to validate all checks before paying out, so you’ll never have to worry about whether a check is good.


Payout Voucher Redemption

Naturally, kiosks that are designed to offer voucher payouts have been around for some time. However, as with the changing nature of the casino, the nature of these kiosks needs to be more dynamic. You can find standard redemption-only kiosks if that is all that you need. Still, today’s best casinos offer integrated cash access solutions like the CM-2020, which can be customized to accept any ticket vouchers and issue the appropriate payout in cash.


The CM-2020 kiosk will pay out vouchers down to the final cent, never leaving players with that random un-cashed pocket change at the end of their play. Plus, players will also be able to withdraw additional cash, cash checks, or perform other transactions, all at the same machine in a matter of minutes.

The Bottom Line

The CM-2020 kiosk offers a variety of integrated cash access solutions, ready to take your casino to the next level of convenience for your players. Plus, you can generate service or convenience fees for almost all of the kiosk services, or waive them for premium and VIP members, giving you more ways to make money and offer people “rewards” for being a top player in your casino.


CASINOMONEY has been in the business of providing casino ATM systems and other financial solutions, including new integrated machines like the CM-2020 kiosk. These kiosks are what will set you apart and make your casino stand out both now and in the future. Now that you know what all they have to offer, you can start customizing your own. To learn more about how the CM-2020 and other kiosk solutions can help you, download the CASINOMONEY brochure or contact us today.

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