What to Consider During Ticket Redemption Kiosk Evaluation

By CASINOMONEY - January 21, 2020

Although ticket redemption kiosks can serve as a means to trim down customer friction and expenses at the cage, customers have been gravitating towards self-service. The latest white paper by Global-Payment-Gaming-Solutions suggests that this might be the primary cause. The new trend has made it easier for gaming entertainment organizations to achieve two of their fundamental objectives: Which involve reducing the expenses of the cage and increase profits.  

However, pundits expect the evolution of kiosks to act as centers for profits will last only a while before real impacts can be felt by casinos, vendors, and stakeholders in this disbursement industry. Meanwhile, gaming entertainment company GMs will be keen to ask these six questions when they next evaluate their kiosks for ticket release.  

Can this Machine Assist in Optimizing the Guests Spend?  

Your vendor should be able to provide periodic insights and solutions to maximize cash access and to enhance the placing of ticket redemption kiosks to boost profits.  On average, ticket redemption accounts for around 80% of kiosk transactions. After giving counsel to one of our clients to reassign their self-serving e-checks towards committed kiosks,  we realized it resulted in a 30% rise in the transaction capacity and a 25% increase in deal sizes. That’s unmatched real dollar value to the ground. 

Will this Ticket Redemption Machine Endorse My Income-Generating Service?  

The proceeds of the cash and solutions for the e-check can account for up to 4% of transactions completed at the Kiosk. Nonetheless, the transactions are roughly four to five times those of typical ticket redemption transaction sizes, meaning there is more cash circulating where the floor is while generating income to your cage. Your vendor should optimize these services to limit consumer friction and use screen prompts and perhaps signage to drive more guests to the highest fees and cash goods. 

Will this Kiosk Exploit Expenses Across the Funds?  

Giving customers more cash is essential, but you must attempt to ensure they are spent with you. Transactions at Kiosk differ from that of the cage, as they facilitate communication and information delivery with ease. Kiosks can also steer visitors to other sections of the experience you offer. As such, they should enable running videos during leisure and employ clues to connect patrons. Remember, the goal is to harmonize the experience of your brand. 

Does this Ticket Redemption Kiosk Contribute to the Space Economy?  

You do not need a gaming kiosk resembling the capacity of a Buick as cash-amount, and the efficiency it has is not equally restricted. If an inch of a square in your casino does not produce money, it costs you money. As such, many GM, along with poker floor managers, should prioritize maximizing room for revenue-generation. 

Can it Assure the Security of My Visitors and Business? 

Although ticket redemption kiosks seem to have disentangled several issues for various casinos, it appears they have also created various security issues. Inexperienced vendors have provided sub-par devices that expose guest data, are not ready for EMV, remain vulnerable to scudding, and can effortlessly be deceived by staff to filch funds during replacements. It would help if you chose a vendor that operates just about a culture of safety, featuring several levels like EMV, ciphering, and commemoration, which aims at safeguarding your clients’ records. The kiosk design should capitalize on customer privacy to protect your casino’s reputation. 

Can I Get Assurance this Ticket Redemption Device Will Operate Effectively When Needed? 

Income-generating slots never run of their services on a casino floor, so you shouldn’t accept such similarities for your money access tools. While every mechanical and electrical device has to break down when the time comes, the vender should be able to get you back up and kicking in the game ASAP. They should offer uninterrupted services and proactive monitoring of the device to forecast possible breakages. Kiosk providers should also deliver order fragments and enough guidance that allows the casino workers to repair frequent issues. 

Bottom Line 

Kiosks are poised to devolve into profit centers and the cornerstone of guest engagement experiences in a small period. Nevertheless, these devices have a typical shelf life ranging between 5-7 years. This means the choice you make will influence your prospect strategy. You can contact us today for more information about ticket redemption kiosks and devices. 




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