What is a CASINOMONEY Dispatch News Item?

By CASINOMONEY - November 08, 2019

Merriam Webster defines a Dispatch in the case of a noun as - a news item filed by a correspondent. And I think that is as close to what we are doing here than anything. The goal is to get out the information. There is a sneaky, and yet subtle way that we do this whilst being less than altruistic. How is this? Well, we are in the Gaming Industry. We should state that straight away. We can refer back to this first dispatch about what our CASINOMONEY Dispatch is, in order to right any straying account which claims we didn't state that we are in fact in the Gaming Industry ourselves. 

We sell Products and or Services. These casino cage management systems or slot management systems help to bring modern fintech to casino and card rooms across the country. We are also in the casino atm business, and we have the ability to provide services of all kinds in terms of maintenance, and armored car units to refill machines. Monitoring 27/7 with our Portal helps to make sure each machine, each kiosk, and all points are well maintained and online - operating at peak proficiency. 

The point is that we are going to be delivering content. Content which we think you will come to love and appreciate. You can subscribe down below, and you can comment on our articles, or even comment within comments so that the conversation keeps going. Tell us what we are doing right. Let us know what needs to be fixed. We can take it. The goal is truth. The effort will be to bring the best of the Gaming Industry out. And who knows, maybe you'll be our biggest fan. Perhaps, you'll retain the title of our toughest critic. Be that as it may, we are striving to bring out information that will be valuable to you when making a decision, when looking at the overall nature of the industry, and when trying to figure out what something is, or what it does, and how it relates to your casino or card room (assuming you have one; and barring that - relates to your perspective and experience with casinos). 


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