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By CASINOMONEY - February 12, 2020

Slot and cage management systems have become quite advanced, with many possibilities for patrons to enjoy. With developers such as CASINOMONEY providing reputable machines and ticket redemption kiosks, access to money is no longer a problem for the modern player. Running out of cash at a table or slot machine is common in all casino rooms. Unfortunately, most casinos do not provide debit and bank credit card services. So what is left for a player when they want to keep the action going, but have insufficient funds?

The answer is casino cash advance services, which are becoming a must-have in modern casinos. Coupled with ticket redemption services and in-house check cashing, today's room managers have an easier time ensuring low funds isn't the reason patrons exit the facility. Here is a brief overview of casino cash advance services, including how they work and why each casino should consider investing in the opportunity.

What is Cash Advance?

As the name suggests, cash advance simply refers to credit services that allow players to borrow money from the casino whenever they run out of funds. Like typical cash advance loaning services offered by lenders, casino cash advance provides patrons thousands of dollars to continue enjoying their favorite slots or games without worrying about funds. There is a daily limit for each patron, based on various credit factors and casino policies. Patrons can also access cash advance casino ATM solutions, which drastically reduces long queues and also augments efficiency and security.

How does cash advance work?

It is pretty simple. Whenever a patron runs out of money, cash advance offers them a chance to borrow a limited amount they can continue using. If the patron exceeds their daily withdrawal limit, the ATM aborts withdrawals for the rest of the day. The cash advance borrowed is to be paid within a specified period and works just like regular payday loans, although there are differences.

Cash Advance via Credit Card at a Casino

Cash advance credit and debit cards represent a significant milestone in casino cage management solutions. The service allows patrons to hold credit cards that they can use to access funds from ATMs and casino redemption kiosks. It works like other credit cards, meaning patrons have a limit set on the amount they can borrow using their casino credit cards. Cash advance credit cards offer the ideal way to lend patrons more wagering money as it demonstrates increased efficiency and security. It can also be customized to align with the casino’s goals, services and requirements.

Merits of casino cash advance services

Incorporating casino cash advance into a gaming kiosk comes with various benefits that range from improved customer experience to increased profitability. Casino managers have a significant duty to attract and retain loyal patrons. The role requires edging competition in terms of customer services, gaming experience, conveniences, payouts and number of options, among other areas. Some of the advantages of adding cash advance to the list of services available at the casino include:

  • More profits for the casino

Cash advance means patrons can get instant access to more funds, which they can then use at the facility. Many people do not walk around with thousands of dollars in their pockets. In fact, seasoned patrons prefer other forms, such as credit and debit cards as well as checks. Providing cash advance is one way to keep customers that would otherwise leave the casino. It also translates to more profits for the player as they can use the credit to wager and win.

  • Improved security

Whether the business chooses cash advance casino ATM solutions, check cashing machines or ticket redemption kiosks, these options offer unique security features. Firstly, the patron does not necessarily need to carry large chunks of cash to the casino. Secondly, the machines are very secure and protect critical customer information. It is virtually impossible to compromise the ATMs and redemption kiosks at a casino and every transaction is accurately recorded.

  • Improved customer experiences

Not every patron has a bank account and leaving the table to fetch more funds can significantly reduce the motivation to play. Cash advance offers immediate cash, so patrons do not have to leave the facility or wait for hours before their withdrawal requests are processed. The cash advance casino ATM solutions are quite fast and efficient. The interface is easy to use and patrons have access to quick cash they can use to enjoy more time at the casino.

Final thoughts

Cash advance is a recommendable addition that can potentially increase casino turnover and profits. It is a way to keep patrons engaged for much longer, ensuring low cash isn’t a problem. Incorporating check cashing and self-service casino kiosks is also highly recommendable. Nonetheless, it is essential to choose reputable quality machines and kiosks that have a simple, user-friendly interface and can dispense cash fast. With a reliable machine, such as CM-2020 by CASINOMONEY, casinos and patrons can enjoy augmented security, sleek services and easy access to money. Download the CASINOMONEY brochure for more details about the kiosk, its features and capabilities.




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