CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal: A Cage Management System

By CASINOMONEY - February 07, 2020

Convenience isn’t just for the players at your casino. Thanks to modern technology, you can find cage management systems that are designed to make things easier for your staff, as well as the patrons, by providing an all-in-one digital wallet access point that can operate just about anywhere on the casino floor, whether that’s near the cage or even down in the pit.  

The CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal offers a quick and easy point-of-sale and cash access solution for your patrons, running on an efficient Linux based operating system and offering a variety of valuable services and features, including: 

  • Driver’s License Scanner 
  • EMV Card Reader 
  • Thermal Printer
  • Touch Screen Interface 
  • Optional Banking and Cash Access Services 

Unlike the kiosks, which are designed as a larger, standalone option, the CMWT from CASINOMONEY offers a compact, easily-installed device that mounts in any space, which may give you the opportunity to offer more to your guests than if you went only with a Ticket Redemption Kiosk like the CM-2020.  

What's In It for You? 

Aside from the obvious fact that this convenience also benefits you because it requires fewer employees to handle the various transactions, the benefits of this integrated wallet solution offer a variety of things to consider when you are looking to upgrade your services. For starters, the entire system is Linux-based and ultra-responsive, meaning that players can have more cash in a matter of seconds, or complete a point-of-sale transaction quickly and easily. Plus, you can customize your solution, just as you would with the CM-2020, to configure a cage management solution that covers exactly what you want and need.  

Another perk of working with high-tech solutions from CASINOMONEY is that everything includes PAYAUTH reporting, which provides real-time information on every transaction that takes place in the Wallet or kiosk, including cash advances, ATM debit withdrawals, check cashing transactions, and even voucher payouts. This system helps provide valuable insights about how the system is working, where improvements can be made, and how to optimize your processes for even more efficiency.  

More Convenience Factors 

Cage management systems are designed to provide a number of benefits by integrating your cash access and payment solutions. With services like this Wallet, players don’t have to consistently keep cards on them. Their banking information and credit and debit card numbers will be kept on file with their account, allowing them to access cash 24 hours a day, from any machine. This saves time for the players and makes it easy for people to access the transactions that they need.  

These terminals also reduce human error. No longer do you have to worry about the risks of manual data entry or input or assign someone the tedious task of tracking all of the financial data. With an integrated, multifunctional solution like those offered by CASINOMONEY, everything is automatic, including reconciliation and transaction handling, reducing the risk of potentially costly errors in your reporting or transaction processing.  

With cloud-based gateways and leading technology, this system also provides more security than you’ll ever get at a staffed casino cage or banking counter. The integrated processing software and cloud-based data storage ensure that customer information is stored securely offsite, protecting it from hackers and other threats. Plus, having the offsite storage with your infrastructure makes disaster recovery a breeze.  

The Technical Details 

For those who are interested, the solutions available from CASINOMONEY offer the latest fintech software, including all of the features that you expect from a leader in the industry. Some of the perks include: 

  • Triple-layer encryption and proprietary AI learning tools that can identify suspicious activity, as well as AML (Anti-Money Laundering) tools.  
  • Cloud storage for data safety and redundancy, offering near-perfect reliability and uptime.  
  • PCI-DSS-compliant machines that protect cardholder data and privacy by securing personal information.  
  • EMV chip card readers to ensure that compliant ATM and banking services can be provided properly and avoid chargebacks.  
  • Tracking and storage of data from terminals and gateways, allowing the system to provide accurate payouts, monitoring, reporting, and other related services. 

Sometimes Smaller is Better 

For areas that don’t have a lot of space, or when you don’t like the look of giant kiosks cluttering up the casino floor, the plug & play cage hardware that installs to walls and counters is the ideal choice. It is compact, but still has a large enough screen that is easy to see and use for all patrons. Plus, it offers a host of solutions and point-of-sale services, replacing the cashiers at many cages and cash stations throughout the casino and giving customers more self-sufficient convenience. That, after all, is what most of today’s players love. The more difficult something is, the less likely they are to use it. Therefore, you have to implement a solution like the CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal that was designed to be simple and effective, with plenty of perks.  

Platforms Backed by Reputation 

When you choose cage management systems from CASINOMONEY, you are getting a variety of financial services packed into one platform, along with decades of experience from a company with over 25 million transactions and over 100 casinos served, with solutions available for cash access, chips, lines of credits, jackpot payouts, and more. Plus, the featured fintech software ensures that you get the secure, reliable solutions that you need to manage your casino.  

Wrapping Up 

The plug & play CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal offers a variety of different features and customizable solutions for cash access and point-of-sale services. These small, yet powerful devices can replace a lot of manpower and increase the satisfaction of your customer base by offering quick, easy access to the money that they need when they’re enjoying themselves on the casino floor.  

If you’re looking to get more out of your casino management and you want to cash in on technology to do it, cage management systems should be on your list. Customize the solution that works for your casino, whether that’s a fully-integrated platform or a more basic kiosk setup. To learn more about how the CM-2020 and other kiosk solutions can help you, download the CASINOMONEY brochure or contact us today. 





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